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A Strategic Alliance Is Formed Between The Helper Bees and Milliman To Continue Innovation for Aging In Place

April 13, 2021 in Blog

The Helper Bees is excited to announce a new alliance with Milliman’s Long-Term Care Advanced Risk Analytics (LARA) as a strategic collaborator. By combining our Care Concierge program and services with the predictive analytics and data capabilities of Milliman’s LARA models, The Helper Bees and Milliman offer an innovative long-term care solution for both payers and care recipients.

Milliman is among the world’s largest providers of actuarial and related products and services, including industry leading tools, data, and services to support management of long-term care insurance (LTCI) risk. Today, Milliman is helping organizations take on some of the most critical and complex issues, including a looming retirement crisis, an evolving healthcare landscape, the effects of climate change and a global pandemic, and an insurance industry burdened by low interest rates and daunting reporting requirements.

It is not uncommon for an LTCI carrier to struggle with accessing information and insights about an active policyholder population; primarily because of the time between the purchase of a policy and when a claim is filed. As a result, the lack of information can create a financial strain on the payer.

Our collaboration with Milliman allows LTCI carriers and Medicare Advantage Organizations to offer a comprehensive wellness program for high-risk policyholders. Milliman’s LARA is a powerful predictive modeling solution that uncovers important insights about an LTCI population, while The Helper Bees converts actionable information produced by the models into policyholder engagement. The Helper Bees’ Care Concierge program deploys educational resources, expert aging-in-place guidance, and right-sized interventions to drive better health outcomes, reduce claims costs, and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Beyond the Care Concierge program, The Helper Bees has several data-backed products and services that can be used based on the insights revealed through Milliman’s LARA models.

  • Nurse Assessments: Conducted both onsite and virtually to determine policyholder care needs and eligibility
  • Caregiver Matching: Using advanced algorithms to match care-recipients with qualified private caregivers based on personality and level of care
  • Digital Invoicing: Created for both home and facility to automate claims, standardize formatting, itemize charges, flag inactivity, and reduce fraud with Electronic Visit Verification
  • Medical Record Retrieval: Comprehensive and quick acquisition of medical records from a variety of providers

The Helper Bees’ products leverage the data provided by a carrier’s internal data team or a third party of their choosing such as Milliman.


Read the full press release from Milliman

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