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Claims Invoicing Made Simple for Both Home and Facility

The Helper Bees Digital Invoicing solutions simplify claims submission, improve data collection, and help detect fraud using advanced analytics. Our home care electronic visit verification (EVV) solution uniquely leverages continuous GPS data to track the entire visit – not just the beginning and end. Proven cost savings compared to paper = 18% with 5x ROI for Facility Digital Invoicing.

Fraud Dashboard

Advanced data visualization for fraud mitigation

Our industry-leading fraud analytics dashboard is accessible 24/7 and has been used by some of the largest long-term care insurance providers to complete surveillance and reduce fraud. The dashboard utilizes data collected from the home to stratify and score risk, allowing insurers to make informed decisions. Alerts are triggered by suspicious activities from home care claims and non-billable items from facility claims.

Advanced data visualization for fraud mitigation
In Home

Proven technology

Our home care Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution leverages continuous GPS data, which enables an additional layer of fraud protection and ultimately reduces carrier costs.

For our carrier partners, the home-based solution has reduced soft fraud by 18% per visit, reduced invoices not in good order (NIGO) to 0%, reduced duplicate invoices by 50%, and doubled the number of claims closed due to inactivity.


Proven technology
Our Difference

Simplify claims processing

The Helper Hive app is used by the caregiver and tracks all home visits information for digital delivery to the carrier for review, analysis, and reimbursement.

Digital Data

Real-time insights from the home

The Helper Bees’ state-of-the-art visualization platform can be used with any Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) vendor’s data. Even without migrating EVV vendors, our dashboards dramatically simplify data analysis, empowering our carrier partners, caregivers, claimants, and their families toward intelligent interventions and real-time actions to delay institutionalization and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Real-time insights from the home

Shaving off the excess billing is where we see ROI. We also achieve customer satisfaction, efficiency gains, and save on processing and data entry with the digital invoicing.


COO of Fortune 100 LTCI Carrier

In Facility

Proven savings

In facilities, our industry-first digital tools actively reduce carrier costs thanks to streamlined operations and workflows.

Our carrier partners have experienced cost savings that amount to an astounding 545% ROI and a $4.1M savings over 2 years. 

Proven savings
In Facility

Reduce manual processes

The Helper Bees digitizes facility invoices, with no limitations, delivering a 4% reduction in faxes and a 17% reduction in claims.

White Paper

App Beats Paper

Our mobile application, Helper Hive, transforms data collection from the home using GPS throughout the entire visit, not just at clock in and clock out. This not only provides carriers with an accurate and advanced method of invoice generation, but gives insights into care trends, claims behavior, risk stratification, and fraud detection.

I love when we receive a submission from The Helper Bees on claims, that in previous years, had taken numerous calls and faxes to obtain a Certification of Chronic Illness. We’re now receiving everything automatically!


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