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Unlock New Opportunities for Your Business

Maybe you haven’t thought of your business as an aging-in-place service, but the demand is out there: older adults need access to a variety of vendors to support their independence at home and help them thrive.

Benefits for Your Business

Here’s how joining our network of aging-in-place service providers can boost your business:

Access New Referrals & Customers

We work directly with Long-term Care Insurance Carriers and Medicare Advantage plans, connecting you with older adults and their families seeking your services.

Improve Operations & Payment

The homeAlign platform simplifies scheduling, documentation, and payment, creating a seamless process and enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional service.


Increase Awareness & Reputation

We maintain the highest of standards for our network, fostering your reputation as a reliable, valued, and trusted resource.

Joining the Network

Becoming part of our network is simple. Here’s how to get started:

1. Application Submission

Submit your application and provide us with all relevant documentation and credentials.

2. Application Review and Approval

Our dedicated team will review your application promptly. Once approved, you’ll move to the next stage of the process.

3. Subcontractor Agreement Execution

We’ll guide you through the process of executing a subcontractor agreement, ensuring clarity and transparency in our partnership.

4. Credentialing Completion

To maintain the highest standards of care, we’ll complete the necessary credentialing process to verify your qualifications and expertise.

5. Start Receiving Referrals

Within a short period, you could receive your first referral! We aim to connect you with clients as quickly as possible, enabling you to make a meaningful impact on their lives.