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A Better Way to Care for Your Loved Ones at Home

Aging in place does NOT mean aging alone. Our mission is to make aging in place as easy as possible for both the care recipient and caregiver.


Getting your claim started

Your Benefit Eligibility Assessment (BEA) is an important component of your insurance claim. We provide experienced nurses to complete this assessment and help get you started. If you have questions or concerns about an upcoming BEA with The Helper Bees, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Getting your claim started

Ready access to aging experts and resources

We understand that successful aging in place requires access to a variety of resources, including educational content, expert guidance, and quality in-home services. The Helper Bees Care Concierge team supports older adults and their families regardless of where they are in their aging journey.

Ready access to aging experts and resources

“I really love having a Care Concierge. You have perfect people that are working on various levels and have been such a pleasure. Thank you for this offer, it’s great that you have this service.”

Care Concierge – Patricia

Patricia, Wife of Care Concierge Client