Like many transformative visions, The Helper Bees was created to fill an obvious need and an underserved community.

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The Helper Bees

Inspired by love and brought to reality through passion and determination, The Helper Bees was founded to empower older adults and their families in their search for quality, affordable in-home care providers.

We do this by providing older adults the ability to easily review, choose, and access affordable quality in-home helpers. The idea roots back to founder Char Hu’s personal experience seeking the best Alzheimer’s care for his ailing grandmother. Char was attending medical school at the time, studying molecular behaviors related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, when Char’s family decided that his grandmother would move to an Alzheimer’s facility.

“For those who have gone through that process, they know how emotionally gut-wrenching it is. The effect was particularly profound on my mother,” says Char. “Years later, she decided to create her own specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia community that filled in the huge gaps we saw in the industry, and I decided to join her. I came on during the early formation of our company, with the full intention for it to just be temporary, but I fell in love with Alzheimer’s care.”

After many years leading caregiving seminars, workshops, and support groups, Char and his associates at the dementia community began to realize that the in-home care process was broken. “The current agency model perpetuates the notion of loss of independence by not allowing the older adult, or the family, to select the exact person who is coming out to their home. It’s terribly inefficient, with really no winners,” he explains.

It was during this time that Char and the community’s COO Eric Corum began asking some serious questions about older adult in-home care in general. Questions like, “Why is there no choice in the in-home care agency model that is so dominate?” And “Why is it so expensive to the older adults while the wonderful caregiver is getting paid just a little more than minimum wage?” These questions drove Char and Eric to envision a better way. Eric came on as chief operating officer, and The Helper Bees was born.

“Our mission is built around providing control to the most important groups of people in the older adult in-home care experience: the older adult and the helper,” says Eric. “We completely cut out the middle man. This means the older adult retains the power of choice that they have had all of their life, while the helper gets better financially rewarded for their valiant work.”

Next Char and Eric called Danny Lynch into the process. Danny and Char attended high school and college together and had both studied electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Since then Char, Eric, and Danny have been consumed with transforming the older adult in-home care industry.

“Our business is making connections,” says Char. “Connections that lead to the sharing of great stories and a fantastic shared experience. I often tell stories of the joy I find tapping into the treasure trove of experience and lessons learned from those two to three generations my senior. Those stories are what I enjoy most and what our older adults and helpers thrive on as well. It is such a blessing and such wonderful work to be a part of.”

Char Hu, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

After completing his doctorate at Baylor College of Medicine, Char translated his biomedical research experience into Alzheimer’s and dementia care. As a founder and director of Georgetown Living, a certified dementia communities, he is actively involved in supporting the needs of Central Texas’ older adult community.

Today, Char brings his passion and industry experience to his mission of transforming in-home older adult care. When not tending his hive as CEO at The Helper Bees, Char spends his free time working with local nonprofits focused on issues related to aging, and serving on the boards of directors at AustinUp, Alzheimer’s Texas, and Family Eldercare.

Eric Corum

Chief Product Officer

As the Chief Executive for a Medicare-accredited home health and home companion agency, Eric has seen the dramatic need for more efficiency in the older adult in-home care field.

Eric brings his passion for older adult care and his years of industry experience directing product management for an FDA-approved eHealth solution to his role as The Helper Bees Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Eric oversees all aspects of operations and business development.

Danny Lynch

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer at The Helper Bees, Danny is also the founder and CEO at DL Consulting LLC, where he consults, designs and builds custom software solutions for clients in the hardware and software space.

A highly-skilled computer architect with a history applying his talents at companies including Intel, NVIDIA Corporation, Applied Research Labs, IBM, and AMD. Danny brings his extensive knowledge of computer science to The Helper Bees, overseeing all aspects of web technology development.

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