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America’s Aging-in-Place Platform

The Helper Bees’ unique combination of service and technology provides the infrastructure needed for payers to access, deploy, and scale quality non-medical services into the home. With this innovation, we are transforming independent aging for millions of Americans. 


Connected services that empower independence

Older adults need a wide range of care and support services to live and age independently in their homes. Payers need to ensure consistent quality and a repeatable model for successful deployment. 

That is why The Helper Bees Aging-in-Place Platform has created a first-of-its-kind service provider network to meet the needs of care recipients and caregivers, while streamlining administration for all payers of long-term care. Through our Aging-in-Place Provider Network, we bring all of the non-medical services needed to improve independence into the homes of older Americans across the U.S.

Connected services that empower independence

Transforming the way care is delivered to the home

The Helper Bees’ platform approach is the only way to ensure quality care for insureds without increasing costs and burden for payers. Our platform technology has revolutionized how care and support services are delivered by activating formal, non-medical provider networks using 3 important components: credentialing, fulfillment, and payment.

Initial and ongoing vetting

Automated credentialing includes a detailed review of a service provider’s qualifications and adheres to a strict, state-specific regulatory framework.

graphic showing

Quality response and delivery

Automatic fulfillment monitors all in-home services. Network providers are continuously monitored and scored based on their service quality, ensuring only the best care is delivered.

graphic showing a computer working with providers to send care to a home

Streamlined payment process

Providers submit all invoices digitally and receive direct payment for their services. We digitally file all necessary documentation required by payers, significantly reducing the time needed to complete the reimbursement process.

graphic showing payers working with providers to give the right level of care and payment

Scaling services to improve outcomes

The Helper Bees’ platform enabled the creation of our nationwide Aging-In-Place Provider Network and allows for continuous expansion of in-home service providers that deliver everything from home care to home modifications – and more.

In addition to our network, the platform ensures reliable and scalable service fulfillment, with digital claims tools that simplify the claims process, improve data collection, and help detect fraud using advanced analytics. By providing payers access to the platform, we are able to reduce costs while simultaneously improving health outcomes for older adults.

Scaling services to improve outcomes

Enabling the largest credentialed network of aging-in-place services

The Helper Bees built a network that includes thousands of service providers across the U.S. The services delivered help support independent aging in America, with the ultimate goal of reducing overall healthcare costs, improving health outcomes, and lowering institutionalization rates.

credentialed caregivers

Providing support throughout the claims process

The Helper Bees works with Long-term Care Insurance Carriers and Medicare Advantage Plans to support insureds and their families throughout the claims process.

Looking for more information on a specific program or offering from The Helper Bees? Click the Learn More button below for details on claims submissions, assessments, and Care Concierge programs.

Providing support throughout the claims process

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The engagement rates we are seeing with (THB’s) Care Concierge program is the highest we have seen with any program we have ever run. It’s easily 3-4x higher than the next highest program we’ve run.

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