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Whether at home or in a facility, The Helper Bees’ solution digitizes and simplifies the invoicing process for both care recipients and carriers, reducing costs and preventing fraud.

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We deliver proven results for our partners, reducing NIGO to 0%doubling the number of claims closed due to inactivity, and cutting duplicate invoices by 50%.

At Home

How It Works

Our home care Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution uniquely leverages continuous GPS data to track throughout the entire visit – not just the beginning and end – adding an extra layer of fraud protection and ultimately reducing carrier costs and seamlessly sharing real-time, actionable data.

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App Beats Paper

By using continual GPS throughout the entire visit, our mobile app Helper Hive provides carriers with a comprehensive view of the entire visit, not just at clock in and clock out. To date, this is the most accurate and advanced method for generating invoices, detecting fraud and leakage, and is used exclusively by The Helper Bees.

Our Difference

Simplify Operations With Helper Hive

The simple Helper Hive mobile app, used by the caregiver, smartly and easily tracks all home visits information for seamless delivery to the carrier.

Our Caregivers Are Saying

I probably could do it quicker this way cause the app is so much easier than trying to write it all out!


A Helper on Transitioning to Mobile App

In Facility

How it Works

In facilities, our industry-first digital tools actively reduce carrier costs thanks to streamlined operations and workflows.

Our digital tools ultimately reduce carrier costs through streamlined operations and workflows.

In Facility

No Limitations

The Helper Bees digitizes facility invoices, with no limitations, which equates to a 90% adoption rate of our solution, delivering the following benefits:

Our Facility Providers Are Saying

It’s a whole new world, it’s just too cool. I think I can do this! You were such a great help, I’m a little hard to train, and I feel good about this.

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Long Term Care Facility Provider

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