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Two Leading Insurtech Companies for In-Home Care and Caregiver Support Partner To Provide A Comprehensive Aging-In-Place Program

August 11, 2021 in News

AUSTIN, Texas— Aug. 11, 2021— The Helper Bees (THB), an industry-leading insurtech company providing the largest payers of home care with the nation’s most comprehensive aging-in-place platform, today announced a newly founded partnership with TCARE. TCARE is the only evidence-based, CMS-approved and ACL-accredited solution to prevent informal caregiver burnout.


According to a 2020 report from AARP, there are an estimated 41.8 million caregivers in the United States. Of that, 89% are informal caregivers, either family or friends of the care recipient. Informal caregivers often report symptoms of burnout — strained physical and mental health due to elevated stress and lack of support.


The Helper Bees Care Concierge program provides care recipients and their families access to an aging-in-place expert to help guide the family throughout their unique journey. The Care Concierge program will use the TCARE clinical model to assess the root cause of caregiver burnout and support the family with timely and targeted interventions based on the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). 


Together The Helper Bees and TCARE continue to move toward the shared goal of not only delaying or diverting nursing home placements, but also driving better health outcomes, reducing claims costs, and improving the overall quality of life for informal caregivers and care recipients. 


“Caregiver support has become a major public health concern across the U.S., but very few resources are available to address family caregiver burnout and scientifically predict which caregivers are at high risk,” said Char Hu, Ph.D., The Helper Bees CEO. “TCARE and The Helper Bees will seamlessly help families by providing the best data-first solution to help manage and navigate the stress of caregiving for a loved one.”


TCARE’s solution is especially helpful for informal caregivers who support:

  • Elder adults
  • People with dementia and other chronic conditions or mental health issues
  • Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled (IDD) patients
  • Veterans or wounded warriors, and
  • Patients with specific language or cultural needs (including Native-American tribal populations) 


“We are thrilled to provide our caregiver solution for Long-term Care Insurance, Medicare Advantage (MA), and Managed Care Organizations (MCO) to The Helper Bees Care Concierge program members,” said Ali Ahmadi, TCARE CEO and Co-Founder. “Our goal is to improve health outcomes for not only the care recipient, but their caregiver as well. By providing family caregivers with the support they require, we reduce stress, decrease patient institutionalization and readmissions while also improving MA Star ratings and HEDIS scores.”


About The Helper Bees

The Helper Bees (THB) is an insurtech company, successfully improving the home care experience for both payers and care-recipients. THB works with some of the world’s largest insurance carriers to deliver transformative solutions from digitization and care sourcing to the application of machine learning to power intelligent care and claim analytics and processing.



TCARE’s  technology is an award-winning, evidence-based family caregiver support solution that uses precision targeting and mapping of resources to reduce family caregiver burnout. TCARE’s technology comprises state-of-the-art intelligent algorithms, data prediction models and analytics that pull Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data creating innovative LTSS and LTC population health risk management solutions.

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