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The Role Data Plays in Long-Term Care

April 16, 2021 in Blog

In a recent podcast  The Helper Bees CEO, Dr. Char Hu sat down with Hahn Brown of Boomer Living Senior Living Broadcast to discuss the role data plays in long-term care.

The aging experience is beginning a transformation to a more modernized and accessible practice. Even with fantastic facilities available, many seniors want to stay at home for as long as possible. The pressing issue is figuring out how to delay the move to a facility and provide a scalable and affordable way to stay at home safely. It is unprecedented for people to live as long as we are today, making the aging experience a learning process. The focus of aging needs to be providing seniors with an eyes wide open experience and giving them all the necessary information and resources to make the right choices.


Currently, there is no suitable method of providing a scalable and affordable home care experience for seniors. Care options are fragmented, and all the moving parts don’t communicate with each other, making the aging experience frustrating and challenging to manage. When all necessary resources and tools such as caregiving and social work are grouped in a commonplace, it is easier to see the complete aging experience and manage the process.

Furthermore, a large part of the population is becoming increasingly comfortable with technology. This change allows tech advancements to be a valuable resource for streamlining and scaling the aging experience more efficiently. Marrying the appropriate amount of technology and human interactions helps get more resources, caregivers, and preventative solutions into senior’s homes. The technology available now gives us more information than ever and makes that information much more accessible. This aids in improving the home care experience with personalized resources and action plans.


The Helper Bees is an innovative solution to delaying the onset of claims. The Care Concierge Program aids in identifying age-related issues and creating a dialogue to discuss needs and resources available. These needs could be financial, physical, or social. After determining each individual’s needs, a personalized action plan is created and sent back to you with local resources and help. This process can then be shifted to personality-based caregiver matching if needed. Because this process is scaled, THB can offer much lower costs than other providers. 

Through data collection of the on claims population, The Helper Bees has analyzed and identified important triggering events and interventions to delay claims and the move to a facility. Taking care of your aging experience is vital to promoting a positive quality of life. Finally, this care allows seniors to have all the information out on the table and lets them drive their own aging experience.


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