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The Helper Bees Partners with Continental General Insurance Company, Providing Better Experiences for Long-Term Care Policyholders

September 5, 2023 in News

AUSTIN, TexasSept. 5, 2023 — The Helper Bees, an in-home care platform enabling older Americans to age in place and live comfortably, today announced a new partnership with Continental General Insurance Company (“Continental General”). As a result of this partnership, eligible Continental General on-claim policyholders will now be able to access The Helper Bees’ Care Concierge Program, which connects older adults to in-home services that make independent living more convenient.

The collaboration supports Continental General’s vision of continuing to improve policyholder satisfaction and streamlining additional claims management as they  administer blocks of long-term care insurance.

The Helper Bees’ Care Concierge Program is designed to improve long-term care. By combining human-centered engagement with data-backed technology, the program improves health outcomes and empowers aging in place, all while reducing operational burdens for insurers. Through the Care Concierge Program, an eligible policyholder can request transportation, receive daily brain health exercises, or obtain durable medical equipment to minimize falls, as well as hundreds of other options. These services improve the financial viability of long-term care policies while also increasing opportunities for new product development.

“Continental General’s partnership with The Helper Bees helps us equip policyholders with the resources they need to live independently and comfortably,” said Dave Ramsey, Continental General’s CEO. “Offering the Care Concierge program not only gives eligible policyholders access to a wider range of services, it also simplifies processes and gives us better analytics for in-home needs.”

Through The Helper Bees Care Concierge program, eligible policyholders can directly access:

  1. The Resource Library: An educational content repository addressing common aging-related questions, providing information needed to make informed decisions throughout their long-term care journey.
  2. A Nationwide Aging-in-Place Marketplace: A platform connecting policyholders with a credentialed network of providers, carefully vetted by The Helper Bees. Eligible policyholders can utilize the marketplace to conveniently find, schedule, and manage services that support their independence.
  3. An Expert Guide: A dedicated guide who assists policyholders in navigating their unique needs and goals, identifying interventions, and creating personalized action plans. This guide can help source and direct care and support services.

“The vast majority of older adults want to age independently within the comfort of their own homes, but that’s much easier said than done,” says Dr. Char Hu, PhD, CEO of The Helper Bees. “People have different needs and require personalized aging-in-place services. We created the Care Concierge Program so insurers can offer a variety of choices to provide the best in-home care for their policyholders.”

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