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The Helper Bees Partners with Chefs for Seniors to Offer Private Meal Preparation Service to Medicare Advantage Members

February 10, 2022 in News

Aging Americans Can Use Digital Credits to Have Meals Prepared in Their Home by Personal Chefs, Providing Nutritional Value and Companionship 


Austin, Texas – February 10, 2022 The Helper Bees, a full-service insurtech company that creates innovative aging-in-place solutions for both payers and insureds, announced a partnership with Chefs for Seniors that brings private meal preparation to the homes of Medicare Advantage (MA) and Long Term Insurance (LTCI) policyholders nationwide.   

MA and LTCI policyholders whose carriers partner with The Helper Bees now have direct access to Chefs for Seniors, a national franchise that specializes in providing affordable, fresh and healthy meals to older adults. This private, in-home meal preparation service provides companionship as well as customized menu options and service in 65 locations across the U.S. 

As Medicare Advantage plans consider how to best structure their supplemental benefits, there is an increasing focus on diversifying the offerings to better meet the needs of the growing number of older adults who want to age in place. Through its acquisition of healthAlign in 2021, The Helper Bees is convening thousands of credentialed providers  –  including in-home care, meals and nutritional support, home modification, pest control, and more  –  all onto a single platform. The company’s network, which covers administrative, credentialing, reimbursement and quality control functionality, enables plans to offer a broader range of aging-in-place services while also allowing the insured user-friendly “one-stop-shop” access that supports their independence at home.

“Chefs for Seniors is perfect for older adults who want nutritious, home-cooked meals plus a fun, interactive experience,” said Daniel Murphy, healthAlign Founder & Chief Product Officer. “We are excited to offer this service as part of our network because it combines good nutrition with social participation – two vital components of healthy aging.”

“Freshly prepared meals customized for specific dietary concerns are crucial to meeting the health and wellness needs of older adults, and Chefs For Seniors is proud to partner with The Helper Bees to make our first-of-its-kind service even more accessible,” said Nathan Allman, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Chefs For Seniors. “Eligible seniors can take advantage of the Chefs For Seniors benefit to ensure they have healthy, balanced meals that enable them to age-in-place and retain their independence for as long as possible.” 


About The Helper Bees

The Helper Bees (THB) is an insurtech company delivering solutions that allow older adults to successfully age in place. THB is focused on conscientious member engagement and is backed by a robust regulatory platform powered by healthAlign, a company pioneering supplemental benefit administration in Medicare Advantage. This unique combination of service and technology provides the infrastructure needed for payers to access, deploy, and scale quality non-medical services into the home, thereby transforming independent aging for millions of Americans. To learn more about The Helper Bees, visit


About Chefs for Seniors

Chefs for Seniors is a growing national franchise that specializes in providing affordable, fresh and healthy meals to senior citizens. Chefs For Seniors connects seniors with caring chefs who prepare high-quality, nutritious, affordable meals in their clients’ homes, served with a side of pleasant conversation. With 65 locations across the U.S., their mission is to improve seniors’ lives through food, helping them age at home. To learn more about Chefs for Seniors, visit  

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