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The Helper Bees and Lincoln Financial Group – Transforming the Online Experience for LFG’s Concierge Care Coordination Program

March 18, 2022 in Blog

This partnership, which grew from months of collaboration, allows for huge bonuses for LFG policyholders, the first being a brand new site for their Concierge Care Coordination program. With up-to-date articles and targeted information for their audience, this content allows older adults and their families easy access to an informed aging experience. With subjects covering everything from Covid-19 adaptation to how best to stay healthy through the heat of summer, members will be able to peruse this site at their leisure and make the best lifestyle and health decisions for themselves and their families.

Through the site, members will also have access to The Helper Bees’ team of aging-in-place experts. This out-of-pocket service is easily accessible to policyholders and an absolute game-changer for those navigating the aging journey. Our seasoned aging experts provide highly individualized plans of care and specific resources to older adults. They will help guide the policyholder and their entire family on how and when to find care, as well as provide a kind and understanding ear, an all-too-scarce resource. These aging experts will also consult and procure the best of the best for in-home care that complements other resources that enable independent aging, such as pest control, transportation, and food delivery. For those in need, there is next to nothing that The Helper Bees’ aging experts cannot assist in, all through the website and through convenient phone calls.

Furthermore, all services are available both pre- and on-claim, meaning policyholders can gain access to resources before they’re ever faced with an injury or condition. Long-term care depends on foresight and The Helper Bees and Lincoln Financial Group are thrilled to help those who need a dependable solution and those looking ahead to prevent a claim.

With LFG, The Helper Bees continues to innovate for the future of aging in America.

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