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In 2018 Healthcare Partnerships Are Driving Care To The Home

January 2, 2018 in Resources

In 2017, we’ve seen the start to new healthcare alliances with the CVS acquisition of Aetna and Humana’s acquisition of Kindred Healthcare. Regulatory environments are also moving in the direction of expanded health services and performance tracking that looks at alternatives to hospital and facility stays.

At The Helper Bees, we’ve been following this progression closely and believe that our integrated wellness approach aligns perfectly with the health partnerships of the future. Our tech enabled in-home care platform uses advanced matching algorithms to connect quality caregivers and seniors. The compatibility between our senior and caregiver matches enable and encourage seniors to remain independent within their home for as long as they choose.

In the spirit of healthcare partnerships, we’ve found a growing number of opportunities that benefit from our reliable, efficient, and scalable solution for delivering care in the home. Our real-time easy to use solution, has opened the doors behind health in the home so that we can provide tailored wellness data from the home back to the provider, the insurer, or the therapist. We believe your home is the ideal clinical environment for delivering highly effective interventions that improve overall wellness while reducing hospital and other facility admissions.

In 2018, we hope to extend our passion and care into the homes of more families and support the healthcare industry with our transformative in-home care model. Right now we’re navigating partnerships with senior living communities looking to offer additional services in the home and provide an extension into the community before residents move-in. We’re partnering with insurance providers interested in better understanding and analyzing health data and care of their claims recipients. We’re working with ACO’s and hospital networks to reduce admissions and provide post acute care in the home. And finally, we’re working with employers who recognize the Sandwich Generation’s increased stress of caring for loved ones and offering the value of an in-home care provider network to alleviate this worry and provide care.

As a company, our extensive long term care industry experience guides the continual development of our technologies and operations, and our spirited entrepreneurship fuels our culture of innovation with our products and team. It is through these innovations and non-traditional partnerships that we, and the healthcare community, will continue to expand our reach and breadth of services to better serve the population that needs us the most.

We want to hear from you and welcome a conversation about forming health alliances to provide better, transformative care for the future of aging.

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