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iltci 2023

Build, Play, Explore LTCI's Digital Platform

Welcome to ILTCI! We’re proud to be part of the industry event of the year! Visit our booth #301 to learn more about our scaleable platform that connects millions of families across the U.S. with transformative services in and around the home.

Automated Provider
Credentialing Documentation

Available for both home and facility providers, this tool improves claims servicing times through the automatic digitization of provider documentation and automation of workflows.

Benefits include operational efficiencies such as a reduction in faxes and manual processes, and no added development or technical debt for implementation. 

Provider Network

Our nationwide network of 20,000+ care and support service providers is enabled through a single scalable technology platform.

This model ensures policyholders receive quality services at discounted rates by streamlining and automating the provider management process including onboarding, credentialing, claims processing, and reimbursement.

Reducing in-home care claims costs $6,000 year/claimant with independent caregivers.

Thank you for allowing my home healthcare agency to have a higher and wider platform of service for Arizona. I’m happy to be a part of The Helper Bees Provider Network.

– Network Provider

Digital Invoicing for
Home & Facility

Our digital invoicing solutions, for both home and facility, simplify and expedite claims submission and reimbursement. This is done by reducing manual processes and improving operational efficiencies.

Using digital data and our advanced analytics dashboard, we help our carrier partners mitigate fraud through risk stratification, which makes informed decision-making easier. 

Reducing errors in facilities claims that drive a 5x ROI.

Shaving off the excess billing is where we see ROI. We also achieve customer satisfaction, efficiency gains, and save on processing and data entry with the digital invoicing.

– COO, Fortune 100 LTCI Payer

Care Concierge:
Expert Guidance & Resources


Our Care Concierge Program can be deployed for both pre-claim and on-claim populations and is supported by teams of geriatric care managers, local researchers, and data analysts.

The program is made up of two primary components: educational content provided through an online Resource Library and expert guidance provided by our Care Advisors. The Care Advisors work with policyholders, and their families, to identify care needs and aging-in-place goals before preparing a personalized care action plan.

The engagement rates we are seeing with (THB’s) Care Concierge program is the highest we have seen with any program we have ever run. It’s easily 3-4x higher than the next highest program we’ve run.

-Fortune 100 Insurance Carrier

Fully Digital
Benefit Eligibility Assessments

We utilize a network of experienced Registered Nurses, both in-house and contracted, to complete in-person and virtual assessments.

Each assessment is conducted using our HIPAA-compliant digital application, which streamlines the eligibility process, reduces errors, and provides carriers with actionable insights. Leverage our 26 years of experience for a quick and accurate medical record retrieval. Using both an in-house team and modern technology, some results are returned in just hours. 

30% savings with virtual vs. onsite assessments.

Your virtual assessments are better than our previous in-person assessments.

– Senior Claims Manager, Top 3 Largest LTC Claims Block

Aging-in-Place Marketplace
Self-Service Portal

An online portal that provides direct access to our Aging-in-Place Provider Network, allowing policyholders to shop, schedule, and manage the delivery of aging-in-place services into and around the home. As an added benefit, our Care Advisors are available to provide personalized assistance when navigating the portal.

Improving policyholder experience with a program NPS score of 82%.

I used to lean and almost fall every time I showered, and now, I feel safe and secure.

-Policyholder, after delivery of the new grab bars she ordered from our Aging-in-Place Marketplace

   Voices of LTCI

The Helper Bees are launching a new podcast, Voices of LTCI, this year at ILTCI! Hosted by Char Hu, The Helper Bees’ CEO, the monthly podcast consists of casual conversations with industry leaders about the evolution and future of the Long-term Care Insurance (LTCI) industry.

Join Char, and our experts and innovators, as we explore current perspectives and forward-thinking trends in the LTCI industry.

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