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Tonya S.

  • Location:Ingram, TX, Kerrville, TX
  • Personality: Straight Shooter
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Straight Shooter

Meet This Helper

Tonya S.
Ingram, TX
errands, heavy house, light house, cooking, feeding, grooming, transferring, transportation
I love being with family, kids and grandkids. With 20 years in the restaurant business, cooking is a passion of mine. I also enjoy exploring nature, the river, ocean, fishing, and yard work.
About Me
My mother had two strokes that left her paralyzed in the 90’s. I tended to her for the last couple years of her life, as well as hired caregivers when I could not be there. Keeping her at home was a huge blessing for her, as well as myself. Though it was trying a lot of the time, it was the most rewarding thing emotionally and spiritually I’ve ever accomplished. I have a lot of love and compassion for people and have the ability to find humor in almost any situation. I have a strong faith in God and trust in humankind.


Caregiving Experience
Family/Friend Caregiver
Caregiving Specialties
Additional Experience
Restaurant owner/Caterer/Painting/Lawn Care/Ebay brick n mortar store/Bookkeeping
Years of Caregiving Experience
2 Years