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Rachel H.

  • Location:Watertown, SD
  • Personality: Cheerleader
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Straight Shooter

Meet This Helper

Rachel H.
Watertown, SD
Running Errands, Light Housekeeping, Heavy Housekeeping, Cooking/Preparing Meals, Bathing, Grooming, Feeding, Toileting, Transferring, Transportation, Handyman Services, Other
I enjoy experiencing the outdoors! I love hiking, bike riding, walking, swimming, etc. I especially love doing this with family and friends. I love to travel. I enjoy traveling to places near and far! In all my travels, I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and foods, and creating lasting memories. A unique hobby/interest I have is swing dancing. I love swing dancing just in my kitchen with my dad, or going out to barns in rural South and North Dakota to dance!
About Me
Caregiving is important to me because I believe I have a privilege of living a life of service to those around me, especially those older than me. Because I have gifts of patience, empathy, and respectfulness, I wish to utilize those in my current and future jobs and my entire life. I wish to live a humble, kind life to those around me, and I feel as though I would be able to serve the couple in this job listing with that kind, humble service.


CNA, CPR Certified
Caregiving Experience
Family/Friend Caregiver, Assisted Living Facility Caregiver, Nursing Facility Caregiver
Caregiving Specialties
Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, Stroke, Other
Additional Experience
I worked as a Healthcare Coordinator at a summer camp. I did a variety of First Aid, medication handling and administration, food preparation, and injury prevention. I gave compassionate care to children. I also worked as a waitress.
Years of Caregiving Experience
2-5 years