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Helper Profile

Kanika R.


Jamaica, NY




Bumble Bee, Honey Bee, Specialty Bee

Straight Shooter

Meet This Helper


Kanika R.


Jamaica, NY


Specialty Bee, Bumble Bee, Honey Bee


A few of my interest include: Reading my Bible and edifying books, and prayer time; spending quality time with my family/friends; going to church; doing medical missionary work; cleaning; exercising; gardening; networking; self-development; and helping people in need through lifestyle/health coaching.

About Me

Caregiving is important to me, because of my heart of compassion, nurturing, warm, and caring personality, and desire to support those in need of safe, quality, tender-loving care, and assistance. As well as, supporting families in caring for their love one's (patient/client) physical, social, and/or emotional well-being. I am a professional that is empathetic, compassionate, caring, meticulous, & sensitive in dealing and helping others, especially vulnerable populations. I believe relationship(s) and health/care are connected. I have a social work background, experience in geriatrics/late adulthood, house-keeping, therapeutic, and respite care. My beliefs and values are intrinsic to my effective and exceptional work, service, and character. I am an ambivert, that is flexible, spontaneous, routine, thorough, clean, & orderly. I have a broad diversity of knowledge, skills, and abilities that are transferrable to my assigned duties, that often surprise people. I am trustworthy and have exceptional management skills, when it comes to someone's life/well-being, care, advocating on their behalf, their physical and mental health, home, and/or finances. I often go above and beyond the call of duty, taking everything, I do seriously, with care! A rare gem, I live to serve!




Caregiving Experience

Family/Friend, Other

Caregiving Specialties

Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, Other

Additional Experience

Document Depression Recovery | Computer Proficiency | Counseling | Lifestyle Coach | Health Educator | Relationship Facilitator/Coach | Teaching | Project and Financial Management| Documentation Management | Sales & Product Delivery | Executive Administrative Assistant | Customer Service | Live-In Home Manager | Therapeutic Foster Care | Health Cooking Instructor/Demonstrator | Religious and Programs Volunteer in County Jail/Prison

Years of Caregiving Experience


Services Offered

We classify our helpers in three tiers of services:


This helper bee can help light housekeeping, errands, grocery shopping, companionship, medication reminders and cooking.


This helper bee can help showering, toileting, grooming and transferring assistance.

Specialty Bee

This helper bee can help patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, Parkinson’s disease, strokes and ALS.

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