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Faith H

  • Location:Georgetown, TX
  • Personality: Listener
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Faith H
Georgetown, TX
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I enjoy cooking, hiking, and botanist.
About Me
I have been working in health care for over 5 years. As a Nutritional Therapist, I have helped men and women of all ages with a range of health problems. I also have personal experience as a caregiver with my family. I believe everyone is worthy of respect and individualized care. Regardless if it’s viewed through the lens of caregiving or being a Nutritional Therapist. I have experience of working in a pharmacy and am familiar with different kinds of pharmaceuticals. I have been a Nutritionist for over five years and have professional culinary experience. I believe the skill sets I have developed would be a great fit as a caregiver.


Caregiving Experience
Family/Friend Caregiver
Caregiving Specialties
Cancer, Diabetes, Auto Immune Disorder
Additional Experience
Food/Restaurant, Barista
Years of Caregiving Experience
1 year