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Angela M.

  • Location:Austin, TX, East Austin, North Austin, South Austin, Southwest Austin
  • Personality: Listener
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Straight Shooter

Meet This Helper

Angela M.
Austin, TX
Specialty Bee, Bumble Bee, Honey Bee
I genuinely enjoy helping make the day of another person more pleasant. I love live shows including theatre and concerts. I like vintage cars and anything antique of historical value. Swimming is something I enjoy very much as well. One day I'd like to spend a whole week going to all the museums at The Smithsonian in Washington DC.
About Me
Everyone needs care and help at some point or even many points in their lives. When I am able I feel compelled to be of service to others. I also know caregiving is something I am good at. I gave a very personal speech in front of a thousand people, to raise funds for a national charity....I was told afterwards that being a public speaker was a strong skill that not most people have, I learned about myself that day. If I didn't need money, I would still volunteer to help underserved populations of people. I come from a very culturally diverse background, which I believe has made me a very socially conscious person.


Caregiving Experience
Private-Duty, Nursing Staff, Family/Friend, ALF staff, Home Health/Hospice Aid, Other
Caregiving Specialties
Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, Other
Additional Experience
Healthcare Administration. Education & Training Services, Certified Massage Practitioner, Restaurant/Food Management
Years of Caregiving Experience
7 Years