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Amanda C.

  • Location:Round Rock, TX
  • Personality: Cheerleader
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Straight Shooter

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Amanda C.
Round Rock, TX
Honey Bee
I enjoy traveling, hiking, camping and fishing.
Fun Fact
I am currently a student working towards a degree in aerospace engineering.
About Me
I believe in taking care of the people who raised us. I saw first hand how my grandmother on my dad's side was treated in a nursing home, and I was horrified. I strongly disagree with the way so many family members are sent off to homes and forgotten about. When my grandma on my mom's side became unable to live alone, I took care of her. She made it to 101! I want to be there for others and help live as independently as possible.


Education Certifications
Caregiving Experience
Caregiving Specialties
Alzheimer's, Dementia
Additional Experience
Customer Service, Call Center, Finance
Years of Caregiving Experience
5 Years