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You’ve Been Exposed to COVID-19: What to do Next

Being exposed to COVID-19 is not the end of the world. Following proper precautions will protect yourself, your family, and the community. Taking action and being honest with the people around you is vital.

What Does “Exposure” Mean?

Exposure per CDC guidelines means you have been within 6 feet of for 15 minutes or more of someone with COVID-19. This person can be described as infected/infectious based on two descriptions. 

  • The person with COVID-19 has symptoms
  • The person tested positive from a laboratory but does not show symptoms

Recommended Precautions

  • Stay at home for 14 days after last exposure
  • Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet from others at all times
  • Self monitor for symptoms
    • Check temperature twice a day
    • Watch for fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms
  • Avoid contact with people at higher risk for severe illness
  • Follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop

Exposure and Eldercare

Elders are in the age group of individuals most at risk for severe illness and death from COVID-19. If you have come into contact with someone with COVID-19 you should try to avoid contact with elders in the case you contracted it yourself. Regularly checking oneself and others that are in close contact with elders is important for everyone’s safety. 


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