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What To Ask Your Long Term Care Insurance

When it comes to long-term care insurance, there are a lot of details and specifications you, as a policyholder, should be aware of. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to know where to start on your journey of better understanding your policy. 

Not all policies are the same and many providers have different methods on how they go about things, so please keep that in mind as you begin to ask your questions. We recommend you spend some time generating your own personalized questions that you wish to have answered. Make a list beforehand so you can feel better prepared. We’ve provided some good beginning questions to start off with below. 

Example Questions to Consider Asking Your LTC Insurance Provider: 

  • What type of services are required to receive reimbursement?
  • What types of care are included and excluded from the policy?
  • What is the minimum number of hours required per day? 
  • What are the caregiver requirements? 
  • Does my policy allow for a family member to be a caregiver? 
  • Is it OK if my caregiver lives in the home with me? 
  • Do I have any out of pocket days? 
  • How long does reimbursement take after the claim is submitted?
  • What is the required information for claims submissions and how are they submitted? 
  • Who do I reach out to if the claim was not paid? 

This list is only a starting point to assist you in asking the right questions of your LTC insurance provider. We encourage you to use it as a baseline and build your own questions on top of it! Asking good questions will help you to better understand your policy and empowers you with the right knowledge.

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