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Virtual Activity Ideas

As many places lift mask mandates, it seems that we are getting closer and closer to the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. But, it’s still important for immunocompromised people to stay safe and healthy. One way to have fun and enjoy friendships without risking your health is to spend time together virtually! We’ve compiled a list of fun virtual activities for you and your loved ones to try.


  1. Teleparty: Binge-watching shows on Netflix was a cornerstone of the quarantine experience, but it can be lonely at times. If you’re looking to rewatch Friends with your friends, Teleparty is perfect! Formerly known as Netflix Party, Teleparty is an extension that can be added to the Google Chrome browser on a laptop or computer. It’s easy to use: just open Netflix, then click the Teleparty icon in the extensions bar to generate a link that can be sent to your friends.
  2. Wordle: Wordle is a brain puzzle that has taken the internet by storm in recent weeks. It’s a pretty simple word-guessing game, but it’s surprisingly tricky! The original version of Wordle involves guessing a five-letter word in up to six tries, and a new puzzle is released each day. Each day’s Wordle can be found here. For particularly ambitious players, there are spin-offs like Quordle that add even more of a challenge.


  1. Virtual museum tours: If you’re an art lover, not being able to visit in person can be disappointing. Luckily, many museums around the world offer virtual tours! They’re a great opportunity for you to even visit museums in other countries. To start, check out the Virtual Tour of the Met:
  2. Online classes: Spending continued time in quarantine creates the perfect opportunity to learn a new hobby or skill. New hobbies can provide another source of fun in your day, and they are also a great way to sharpen your cognitive skills. There are lots of platforms that provide online classes that teach new skills. For example, Masterclass features classes taught by experts in each field, including cooking classes taught by Gordon Ramsay!
  3. Learn a language: Research shows that learning a language later in life can help strengthen the mind. So, while you continue to quarantine, try learning a language as a new hobby! The variety of online platforms out there means that you can learn almost any language they want, and when the pandemic is finally over, you can use your new language skills on a vacation! This article provides a quick guide to online language learning platforms.


  1. Online yoga classes: The meditative nature of yoga means that it’s the perfect activity to do alone, and most yoga classes don’t require gym equipment either. Yoga is also great for older adults, since it provides full body exercise without intensely straining your muscles. There are plenty of online yoga classes out there – this article lists quite a few. Feel free to grab a mat, queue up a video or two, and enjoy an hour of relaxation!
  2. Volunteer virtually: Volunteering has countless benefits  and can improve everything from social to physical health. For a quick guide to volunteering, check out our article about it! One of the good things about the increase in technology usage over the pandemic is that many nonprofits and community organizations now offer virtual volunteering opportunities. In fact, the AARP has a list of many virtual volunteer opportunities specifically tailored to seniors’ needs!

On top of all of these amazing activities, it’s important to remember to unplug every once in a while. While staying connected to your friends and family is always a good thing, finding a moment to go on a walk or hike is rejuvenating as well. No matter what, staying safe is a priority!

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