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The Benefits of Water Aerobics

Physical activity is an important part of a well-balanced lifestyle. Staying active helps to increase mobility, retain strength, and increase independence by using your muscles regularly. Staying physically active can get difficult through the aging process due to normal aches and pains. Water aerobics is an inventive solution that provides a great form of low-impact exercise that has a wide variety of benefits.

What is it?

Water aerobics involves a variety of exercises in the water to help you stay physically fit and active safely. This exercise does not involve swimming and is typically held in the shallow end of a pool. Water aerobics usually involves activities such as water walking, bicep curls, leg lifts, and kickboard movements. Because of the buoyancy of the water, these exercises are easy on your joints. This type of movement is a fantastic option for people with achy joints, chronic pain, and people recovering from an injury especially but it is suitable for all. Water aerobics can work muscles all over your body including your core, arms, legs, glutes, and back.


Water aerobics provides a wide range of health benefits. This fitness activity can help increase flexibility, strength, and balance. Additionally, it helps improve lung and heart functions, can relieve joint pain, relieve symptoms of arthritis, and aid with circulatory issues. The increase in balance can also help decrease the chances of falls and the injuries associated with falls in the future. Additionally, there are many mental health benefits as well. Exercise and movement are great for mental health by improving your mood, reducing stress, decreases depression, and can help you stay social or involved.


To get involved with water aerobics you will need to browse around to find a class close to you that you can join. Look through your gym, or local rec center to find a class that is available for you. Additionally, many water aerobics classes do require some equipment such as noodles, kickboards, or foam weights. Depending on where you take the class these tools might be available upon request for you. It is important to listen to your body and speak with professionals if you are nervous about starting water aerobics. Make sure you don’t overdo it, if you get dizzy, nauseous, or overly tired take a break. Water aerobics can be a great place to start exercising and is very suitable for beginners to fitness.

Water aerobics is a great low contact fitness activity to help build your strength, flexibility, and stamina. It can give you a sense of community through regular classes and give you a new hobby to pursue. Increasing your physical activity levels will give you many benefits both physically and mentally that will improve your quality of life immensely. Especially with summer coming up getting in the pool is a great way to build your strength and cool off.


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