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The Benefit of Spring Cleaning

How Can Spring Cleaning Benefit Your Health?

Spring cleaning is a great way to get a fresh start when the temperatures begin to rise. But spring cleaning can be a grueling and tedious task. It is very important to pace yourself and keep safety in mind when beginning to clean. Knowing safety tips and taking proper precautions will help ensure a safe spring cleaning season.

No Need to Rush

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done in a day. Taking it day by day and room by room will make the process less grueling and help ease the strain. Each day pick a room to clean and take your time with reorganizing, decluttering and cleaning up. This can cut down on time and effort for tackling the whole house. Additionally, this will help conserve energy and prevent getting worn out.

Create a Task List

Spring cleaning usually involves vacuuming, mopping, dusting and reorganizing. But it is important to not overlook other chores. Look through the refrigerator and pantry, throw away all expired food. Replace broken light bulbs, remove tripping hazards like rugs, consider installing grab bars in the bathroom. Remove and dispose of medication that is no longer needed or expired. Making a checklist of all these tasks as well as the traditional chores will make certain no task gets overlooked.

Benefit of Spring Cleaning – Reorganize & Declutter

Go through each room to sort out the items that are no longer needed. Donate what you can and throw away what you can’t. This will help eliminate tripping hazards and an accumulation of items that aren’t needed. Once clutter is disposed of reorganize each room. Make sure items that are used often are within reach and easy to access. Items that are seldom used can be stored away to eliminate crowding and improve usability.

Tips & Tools to Know

Safe spring cleaning should involve products and tools that are easy and safe to use. Dusters are lightweight and make cleaning easy and faster. Make sure that big tools like vacuums are lightweight and easily maneuverable. Choices like paper towels or disinfectant wipes instead of rags will eliminate an extra load of laundry to help ease the strain a little.

Stay Safe – How to Minimize Risk

Spring cleaning safety is very important. When planning to clean ensure that you are wearing sturdy shoes such as tennis shoes, to provide good grip to the floor and minimize tripping hazards. Stay hydrated while cleaning, don’t move heavy furniture alone, watch out for wet surfaces and floors, and put away all cleaning products when you’re done.

Safe spring cleaning involves planning, organizations and extra precautions. Following these recommendations and taking your time will help ensure a safe cleaning environment. Ask for help if needed and your house will be in great condition in no time!

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