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Single-Dose Medication Services

If you have ever sat at a kitchen table dropping one pill at a time into tiny day-of-the-week pill organizers, wondering if you’ll have enough to make it through the week only to realize that alas, you don’t — this article is for you.

Several popular services neatly package, label, and deliver single-dose medications to customers each month — most with free shipping and covered by insurance. The packets are clearly labeled with pill contents, and the time of day the medications should be taken. 

Based on our research, the services listed below are the most popular with older adults. Most of them have been in operation for more than five years and have proven to be reliable and reputable. If you have questions about starting the service, it’s also good to know that most of these companies have phone numbers that let you talk to a real person. 

What you’ll need to sign up: 

  •  Your list of medications
  •  Your doctor’s information
  •  Any insurance information
  •  Your payment method

What you can expect to receive:

  • 30 days of single-dose prescriptions (Note: Some of the services include vitamins and over-the-counter pills while others only include doctor-prescribed medications. Be sure to ask!)
  • As-needed medications in separate bottles
  • Syrups, insulin, syringes, test strips, creams, eye drops or other non-pill items
  • A cold pack (if needed)
  • A printed medication list
  • Any required drug safety information

These services can make the process of filling prescriptions and taking medications so much easier. No pill organizer required!

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