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Home Medication for Seniors & How to Prevent Errors

Reduce Home Medication Errors

Watching your parents grow old is at times a difficult experience. An increase in hospital admissions comes an inevitable increase in prescribed medication. As a result, when medication is not taken correctly the consequences can be dire.

Fortunately, advances in modern day technology are allowing the elderly to maintain a sense of independence beyond their early physical limitations.. The Phillips Medication Dispensing Service (PMD) is one such tool that goes a long way in creating peace of mind for both your family.

Home Medication Errors

Elderly patients – aged 65 and older – take an average of 2-6 medications at any one time. In such cases, home medication errors are estimated at nearly 40%.

With the consequence including deterioration of overall health, hospitalization, and even death, home medication errors is a problem that should not be taken lightly.

A study by Malhotra et al showed that a common cause of nonadherence (not taking ones medications appropriately) in the elderly is

Phillips Medication Dispensing System

Pill organizers have proven to increase adherence in elderly patients on chronic medication. We reviewed many medication dispensing systems. Ultimately, the Phillips Medication Dispensing Service (PMD) has come out on top each time.

The PMD System is an electronic medication dispenser which is programmed to alarm your loved one when to take their treatment.
It is so effective because it is programmed to contact a caregiver or family member. Monitor your parents without infringing on their independence. 24-hour monitoring will inform a caregiver or family member in the case of:

• a missed dose
• dispensing errors
• a power outage
• low supply of treatment, three days in advance

Overall, the PMD System is an incredibly self-empowering tool. Furthermore, it allows a parent to enjoy their independence with a little assistance.

Complete Peace of Mind

As the elderly population continues to grow, so too are the resources available to take care of your loved ones in the comfort of their home.

Article authored by Zoë Thring, a medical doctor turned healthcare blogger. Her goal is make health care related information easily accessible, and to remind the world that, “Your health is in your hands.”

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