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Taking Care Of Your Parent While Being A Parent

How to Take Care of a Parent While Being a Parent

For generations, people have been learning as they go when it comes to taking care of aging parents. It can be overwhelming and stressful when young adults find themselves stuck between two roles, raising children of their own while taking care of those who raised them. It doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you have the right tools and knowledge.

These are our 5 proactive ways to create a manageable balance

  1.     Realize that you can’t do it all.

If you are like most working adults, physical distance makes it difficult to see and take care of your parents as much as you’d like. We all want to be there for our parents as much as possible, especially when they are in need of help. The first thing we have to realize is that, as hard as we try, we can’t be everywhere for everyone at all times. Luckily, solutions to this age old conundrum have evolved over time with the help of other’s experiences and technology.

  1.     Use Technology to Seek Out Help.

Knowing that there are ways to improve the quality of daily life for your parent is a huge step forward. For example, if your parent is dealing with Alzheimer’s, there is technology to notify you if there is an issue, such as wandering. There is also technology that assists in alerting the right people if there is a fall. If you think that your parent may need a helper present, do a quick search on the internet for senior in-home care in their area.

  1.     Plan Ahead.

It helps to be proactive when dealing with a fragile matter, such as aging parents. Going out of town or just out for the night while your senior parent could use a helping hand? Moving your family to a different state to start a new job? Make plans for them ahead of time. Something that is becoming increasingly popular is intergenerational living situations. This type of lifestyle can be beneficial to all parties involved, as this space can help preserve and enhance the interaction with your young children and senior parents.

  1.     Let Others Help Your Loved One.

Nothing can really replace the special bond of a parent and a child, nor should it. The best we can do is to be there for them when we are able and make sure they are taken care of when we are not. There are people with bottomless hearts, bodily strength, and professional training who are waiting in the wings to take care of your parent. Seek out these helpers, as they will provide much needed support for you and your parent.

  1.     Gain Peace of Mind.

Each family is unique in their needs. It’s important to be aware that one size does not fit all when it comes to providing care for your loved ones. Everyone wins when a senior is happy and taken care of in their own home. Rest easy knowing that their safety and health is at the forefront of their helper’s mind.

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