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Online Games for a Healthy Memory: A Fun Way to Stay Sharp 

The wide world of games is at your fingertips, and all you have to have is your phone. There are so many ways to learn and improve your memory, but none as easy as a few clicks to download an app. A caregiver is an excellent resource to help you find ones that interest you, and a grandchild will be able to show you exciting but simple games that let you interact with people all over the world. There are endless possibilities to choose from, but here are a few to get you started. Remember, this is all about having fun, so pick a familiar game or branch out and try something brand new. 



Luminosity is a daily brain exercise that feels like pure entertainment. This brain-teaser will start with a 10-minute cognitive test and then matches the games to your skill level. Luminosity is literally made for you. With a massive user base (100 million people worldwide), you’re sure to share the joy many others have experienced.


While Luminosity focuses on your core cognitive abilities (memory, attention, problem-solving, and pattern recognition), Elevate hones how you speak, listen, write, and read. The best part? The App easily tracks your progress, and you can see how every day you get better and better. Plus, it’s easy to use and beautiful to look at. 

Words with Friends

Want to spend time with others without actually having to be around them? Still in quarantine? Words with Friends is your answer! Like Scrabble, this game allows you and your loved ones to play continuous, live, word games. This one is relaxing but challenges your memory and other cognitive skills. Stay connected even when you can’t see your loved ones in person with this game. 


If you want something traditional but mobile, download a Sudoku app. There’s plenty on the market, but we’ve linked you to a particularly robust version. This quick game doesn’t take up too much of your time but tests your memory and pattern recognition. As easy as it is to play with pen and paper, download Sudoku, and you can play even if you have just a few minutes. 


Learning a new language has never been easier. With over 30 languages to learn on the App, this game will keep you endlessly entertained. Try out French one day and switch to Norweigan the next. You’ll earn rewards and badges as you get better. Not only will Duolingo test your brain, but it’ll also give you a strong sense of accomplishment.


Recreation is an essential part of staying healthy and online gaming can help you immensely. There are so many hours of fun to have simply through your phone. With more games than we could possibly list, you’ll have endless activities to do with others or by yourself. Just head to the app store on your phone or follow the links we’ve included. Have fun, stay sharp!

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