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How to Provide Support to Caregivers During the Holidays

The holidays can be tough for caregivers. They not only are balancing a lot of stuff at once, but they also might not get to see their friends and loved ones as much as they would like and don’t get to celebrate the holidays as many others do.

Fortunately, there are a few major ways that you can provide caregivers with the extra support they need to feel more festive and cared about this holiday season!

4 Ways to Provide Support to Caregivers

Take a Moment for Extra Communication

Asking a caregiver how they’re doing and letting them talk about their feelings goes further than most people think. To do this, make sure to set aside extra one-on-one time with the caregiver you know and let them just talk while you listen. Enabling that extra communication can help them sort out anything they’re feeling and can even let them know that they aren’t alone for the holidays – people like you care about them and genuinely want to know what’s going on in their lives!

Include Them in Holidays Plans

The caregiver in your life more than likely has been too busy to go out with friends or their loved ones. So, a great way to make them feel more involved and included during the holidays is to invite them on outings.

Some ideas for holiday-themed activities you can invite a caregiver to include:

  • Having a movie night
  • Holiday decorating
  • Baking
  • Window shopping/people watching
  • Going out for a nice dinner
  • Going to see holiday lights

Take a moment to Just Relax and Laugh

So many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that it can make them feel stressed out and frazzled. With everything the caregiver you know is doing, they probably feel the same way! 

One of the best things you can do to support them is to encourage them to relax and enjoy a few laughs. Whether it’s watching their favorite movie, telling a story, or just bonding over a cup of coffee, facilitating lighthearted conversation can help a caregiver release pent-up stress they have and take their mind off the seriousness of their job for a moment.

Small Gifts Go a Long Way

You don’t have to get extravagant, expensive gifts to show someone your appreciation! When getting a gift for your caregiver, think about products that can help make their lives a bit easier or would encourage them to take some time for self-care.

Some great, affordable items to consider include:

  • Holiday baked goods
  • Wine or spirits set (if they drink alcohol)
  • Gift cards to their favorite restaurants or stores
  • Comfort items such as weighted blankets, neck pillows, massagers, etc.

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