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Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays right around the corner, the frenzy of gift shopping is soon to begin. While the true spirit of a festive season lies in spending time with those we love, it’s always nice to show them how much we care with a little present. However, finding the right gift for every person around you can be difficult and requires a lot of thought. Here are some great gift ideas for all your loved ones to make the process easier!


For many people, fitness is a big part of their lifestyle. Whether eating well or finding new ways to explore the outdoors, staying active helps them feel energetic and happy. If someone you love spends a lot of time in the gym, try these fitness gifts for them. 

  1. Fast and Free Run Belt by LuluLemon: A run belt or an armband is a gift that any outdoorsy person will be thankful for on their jogs or hikes. The Fast and Free belt by Lululemon has just enough space to fit a phone and a few other essentials, but there are many other options out there that will meet anyone’s needs. 
  2. Daylite Pack by Osprey: Lightweight enough for a casual explorer but durable enough for a more dedicated hiking enthusiast, this backpack is a Goldilocks gift for any hikers in your life. 
  3. Knit Cuffed Beanie by Carhartt: A warm beanie is perfect for the winter months and will let any outdoorsy people in your life keep exploring in cold weather. Plus, it’s stylish!
  4. Apple Watch Nike Series 7: As Apple releases new watches, they have become more capable of keeping up with any fitness-oriented person. Gifting one will let them track their workouts and health goals. 
  5. 32oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle with Straw Lid by Hydroflask: Hydration is essential no matter where someone is going or what they’re doing! From work to the gym, a heavy-duty water bottle is a versatile gift that will go where they go. 


Keeping up with the youth trends can be exhausting, even for millennials. If you’re at a loss for a gift for the teen or college kid in your life, we’ve made things simple. Giving a viral gift to the trendy pop-culture experts you know will earn you lots of love. These gifts are perfect if you’re constantly telling them to put down their cell phones. 

  1. Croissant Dome Ring by Mejuri: Spotted in countless social media posts, this ring is easily one of the trendiest jewelry pieces of the year. However, its simplicity and elegance make it a timeless gift that will last even after the trend is over. 
  2. Air Max 90s Shoes by Nike: Their trendy silhouette will make them a constant staple of every outfit selfie, but their versatility will take them anywhere from a basketball court to busy city streets. After all, they aren’t classic sneakers for nothing! 
  3. Embroidered White Nike Drip Crewneck from Etsy: Sweatshirts with an embroidered Nike swoosh are a popular trend at the moment, and there are many customizable options with different designs or colors. 
  4. Travel Jewelry Case from The Container Store: Another essential feature of any trendy teen, this jewelry case is cute and convenient. Anyone getting one of these as a gift will love using them to store their accessories! 
  5. 3.5 mm Curb Chain in Sterling Silver from Amazon: Popular amongst both men and women, a simple chain is an elegant basic that will elevate any outfit.


Amidst all the busy family gatherings and traditions, it’s essential to take time to rest and take care of yourself during the holiday season. Finding ways to stay cozy and comfortable will lead to moments of relaxation between the chaotic celebrations. This year, help your loved ones take care of themselves with these gifts! 

  1. The Skincare Edit by Glossier: A full skincare routine tucked into one beautifully packaged set: what’s not to love? This will make the perfect gift for any skincare enthusiast or even just someone looking for ways to spend time on themselves. 
  2. Personalized Tea Gift Box by Sips By: Give the gift of coziness in this customized set. Sips By creates curated tea sets customized for the recipient, who will take a quick online quiz to indicate their preferences. 
  3. ‘REPLICA’ By the Fireplace Scented Candle from Sephora: Gift anyone, this! It’s one of the fanciest candles out there, and its renowned ‘By the Fireplace’ scent will create the perfect cozy atmosphere in your loved one’s home. 
  4. Sugarwish: Sugarwish is a customizable candy or cookie set that the recipient can choose themselves. It’s simple: you send them a gift card, they pick what they want, and it arrives at their door! Satisfy their sweet tooth and send a little bit of holiday cheer this year. 
  5. Glow Light by Casper: This light is specially designed for deeper sleep, which will help anyone from stressed college students to new parents trying to get their last few minutes of sleep in before holiday festivities. 

Even if someone is difficult to shop for, there are always new things they might unexpectedly enjoy. Either way, no matter what the gift is, it’s the thought that counts. We hope this guide was helpful, and we wish you a happy holiday season! 

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