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Hesitancy In Hiring: Finding the Right Care-Giver for You

Choosing from the wide range of service providers available to you can be complex and often intimidating. The seemingly endless internet search can yield little to no reward and can quickly become frustrating. Understandably, deciding on a provider is an important choice, and people are often hesitant to choose independent caregivers and providers. The most important thing to keep in mind is the necessity of carefully considering all of your options and not ruling out any of the fantastic options for care that are out there. While the abundance of choice is somewhat daunting, it’s also your biggest asset to making the most informed decision possible!

Why are people hesitant to choose an independent provider?

There are many reasons for individuals to hesitate in choosing an independent caregiver or service provider. Many of these issues stem from mistrust. The concept of inviting unfamiliar people into your home can often lead to anxiety about safety concerns, and your family might also be reluctant to do so as well. Privacy is also a major factor, as many people prefer to lead private lives and stay independent. Furthermore, the prevalence of Covid-19 in the last few years has increased the isolation of seniors since exposure to the disease often feels like a big risk. While these concerns are entirely reasonable and justified, and hiring an independent caregiver is necessary for many situations and will likely be a massive asset to your family.

How to overcome hesitancy:

Hiring an independent caregiver can be a great way to increase your quality of life. The convenience of having a helper to fulfill any needs can be immensely beneficial and help you feel more comfortable in your home. While there is some trepidation about bringing in an independent caregiver, checking to make sure the following steps take place in the hiring process can minimize risk and maximize the benefits of having a caregiver!

  1. Make sure your service provider enforces or has gone through a background check — this is a great way to minimize concerns about your safety and build trust with your caregiver!
  2. Interview your caregiver and communicate with them! Setting up clear communication and boundaries early on prevents resentment and helps both of you enjoy spending time together. This also ensures that your caregiver knows your unique needs and can provide the right services for you.t also helps build a foundation for peaceful companionship. 
  3. Many caregivers are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Still, an open conversation with your caregiver or service provider about safety procedures and expectations will help ease your anxiety and set clear rules for how to proceed. 
  4. Talk to your loved ones! They’re there to help and can provide excellent advice and an outside perspective on who may be trustworthy or the best fit for you. Making sure that they can also communicate with your service provider can also help ensure that your needs are being met. 

Hiring a caregiver is an excellent way to ease stress and difficulties in your life. While finding the right provider can be strenuous, taking the right steps will help stop you from worrying too much and make sure that your caregiver is the right person for you! 


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