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Fantastic Fall Crafts

It’s that beautiful time of year when temperatures cool down, and the trees turn lovely and orange. This is a great time to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with some entertaining autumn crafts. Making an event out of these activities will keep the season fun and nostalgic.  It’s also an excellent opportunity to have a good time with others and create new memories!

Crafts have the added benefit of improving mental health. Completing an art project offers a sense of fulfillment. It can help increase your self-esteem, especially for those with limited dexterity or mobility issues. Crafts also help preserve cognitive function, since the brain has to exercise in different ways to finish a craft project. This can also aid in preventing dementia, and simply using your hands and fingers will improve their agility and blood flow. 

Fall Craft Ideas

The following ideas will help bring even more joy to this season!

  1. Making paper garlands: All this craft requires is some yellow, orange, and red paper to signify fall, which makes it very doable. Leaf shapes are relatively easy to cut out and will add an element of warmth to craft creations. After the garlands are finished, hang them around the house to spark joy for months to come. 
  2. Painting pumpkins: This is an excellent alternative to carving pumpkins for those with limited dexterity. A blank canvas in pumpkin form inspires creativity. It can also help spark memories of the past and create new ones!
  3. Making caramel apples: Caramel apples are a staple of fall and a reminder of youthful autumn days. If you have trouble eating a whole apple, cutting it into slices before dipping it into the caramel will make it easier to enjoy. You can also prepare other dips, like nuts or sprinkles, to decorate your apples with. 
  4. Apple stamps: Another great use for apples! Cut them in half, then cover the flat side with paint. This creates a cute stamp that can be used for multiple crafts. Paint them orange for a pumpkin shape to use on cards or paper. Painting them red will make great apple shapes. This is an easy craft that will be perfect if you have less mobility in your fingers. 
  5. Homemade napkin rings: Cut a toilet paper or paper towel roll into ring shapes, then cover them with felt or fabric to make a base for homemade napkin rings. Using inventive items to decorate with, like buttons or artificial leaves, will allow for even more creative expression. 

Autumn is ripe for entertaining activities and time spent decorating the house. These meaningful traditions will keep chilly fall days full of warmth, laughter, and togetherness. 

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