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4 Ways to Show Appreciation to an Adult Child Caregiver

Adult child caregivers have a lot on their plate. They always put their loved one’s needs first and usually don’t have enough time to check in on their own well-being. That’s why it’s crucial to use this holiday season to show the adult child caregivers in your life extra love and appreciation!

Below, you’ll find some great ways that will not only show your gratitude but will remind the caregiver you know that even when things get hard, there are people who care about them and are cheering them on.

How to Show Appreciation to an Adult Child Caregiver

1. Take Them on an Outing

Social opportunities are great for caregivers because they more than likely won’t get a chance to go out very often! If you know there is an event or gathering coming up that the caregiver would enjoy — even if it’s something as simple as going to see a movie — make sure to reach out and invite them.

An important thing to consider here is that the caregiver may deny your offer because they can’t attend. If this happens, continuously invite them and try to include them in outings. This ensures that they know people care and they feel belonged, even if they can’t go.

2. Give a Handwritten Note or Card

Handwritten cards and notes are extremely simple yet impactful because the words are coming straight from the heart. The caregiver in your life will be able to keep the note or card with them and remind themselves that they’re appreciated even when they’re having a tough day.

3. Give a Self-Care Gift

Self-care is a huge thing that many adult child caregivers don’t take advantage of. Giving a gift that focuses on self-care will force a caregiver to slow down for a moment, and remember that their physical and behavioral wellness is also important to take care of.

Some self-care gift ideas include:

  • Gift cards to their favorite stores and restaurants
  • Spa day package
  • Tickets to their favorite show or event
  • Baked goods
  • Personalized items like blankets, jewelry, etc.

4. Talk and Listen

Sometimes, the best way to show your appreciation is to just support and listen. Caregivers dedicate all their time and energy to others, so they need to be able to take some time for themselves to sift through their own feelings and talk them through.

The best part about this is that you don’t have to overcomplicate this at all! You can talk and listen over a cup of coffee or even while out on a walk. The only thing that matters is that you let the caregiver vent and explain how they’re feeling.

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