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4 Stretches to Increase Your Mobility as Temperatures Drop

The Fall season is right around the corner, and that means as the weather becomes cooler, we might find ourselves spending more time relaxing at home instead of having fun in the summer sun. While the thought of covering up in a warm blanket sounds nice, spending too much time inside can increase stiffness and joint pain because you’re not moving enough.

To combat Fall soreness, here are four stretches that you can add to your daily routine that will get your body moving and keep you feeling good even if you’re spending most of your time inside.

4 Stretches to Stay Healthy During Fall

1. Hip Circles

Doing hip circles doesn’t just benefit your hip flexors — they also help to stretch and strengthen your lower back, core, and pelvis.

To do hip circles, you’ll want to first place your feet hip width apart and place your hands on your knees. Then, use your knees to make little and big circles in a clockwise direction. Once you do 10, switch directions and do them counterclockwise.

2. Arm circles

Arm circles are one of the best ways to stretch because you can do them literally anywhere and strengthen a lot of your upper body without feeling like you’re putting in much work.

For arm circles, all you’ll need to do is hold your arms out at shoulder height, and move them so you’re making little and large circles. Again, do a set of 10 circles clockwise, and then switch directions. Feel free to shake your hands and move your fingers around also to loosen every joint up.

3. Calf Stretches

Calf stretches are great to add to your routine because of how versatile they are. You can do them while holding onto a wall, sitting down, or even while in bed. 

To do them while leaning on a wall, you’ll want to find an area of your home with nothing lying around so you and the wall will have enough space. Put both hands flat against the wall, step your right foot forward, and lean your hips towards the wall. Keep your left leg straight with your heel on the floor, and hold the position for 20-30 seconds. You’ll be able to feel that stretch!

4. Shoulder Rolls

While shoulder rolls are extremely gentle, they do an amazing job of untightening and improving the range of motion in your shoulders and upper back. 

To do them, sit up tall in a chair and shrug your shoulders up to your ears. Then, slowly roll them back and down, and squeeze your shoulder blades together before releasing. You’ll want to hold each roll between 10-30 seconds and release. Once done, you should feel any tension you had in your back and shoulders melt away!

Customize the Stretches as Needed

Don’t forget that this list can be tailored to your needs. So, if a stretch feels uncomfortable, you don’t have to do it. If you feel like waving your arms around instead of just making little circles, feel free to! These stretches are all about ensuring that you’re getting some movement in and that you’re staying healthy despite the cool weather and staying inside.

You can also consult with your doctor before doing these stretches. If needed, they can provide modifications so that you can still do everything listed here, but to where you’re more comfortable.

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