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4 Alternative Transportation Options for Older Adults

Mobility is something that all people should have, no matter what age they are. For older adults who may not be able to drive anymore, mobility is crucial for them to stay independent. That’s why it’s important that older adults know what alternative transportation services are available to them so that they can continue doing the things they love without limitation.

4 Alternative Transportation Options

1. Public Transportation

Public transportation, which means anything like buses, trains, and trams, aren’t only found in big cities anymore. In recent years, efforts have been made to create more public transit systems in smaller towns and more rural areas, which means you’ll more than likely be able to find transportation within your vicinity!

Utilizing public transportation is great because you’ll be able to get anywhere you need. If you have daily errands you need to run around town, you can take the bus and feel confident that you’ll get them done while staying safe.

PRO TIP: Many public transit systems have senior fare programs, which means reduced costs to ride. Make sure to enquire about this if you choose to go this route!

2. Ridesharing Apps

Ridesharing apps include companies like Uber, Lyft, and more. With just your phone and a few finger taps, you can access low cost rides to practically anywhere you want to go! This means that even if you want to go to the movie theater across your town and then to a friend’s house after, you can easily order rides through these apps.

These apps have been known to be helpful for older adults because they eliminate the costs needed for maintaining a car and having to keep up with vehicle insurance. If you can’t drive anymore or don’t see the need in having and maintaining your car, you can reinvest the money that you would’ve spent on your vehicle into using rideshare apps — and probably still save money in the long run!

An important point to remember though is that costs can increase depending on the day, time you’re going, and the distance. So, if you know that you’ll need a ride on a bustling Saturday night, you might have to pay a little more than usual.

3. Gogograndparent

Gogograndparent is an excellent resource that can be thought of as a middleman between you and services like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and more. It encourages independence with older adults by making services accessible without the need of complicated apps. 

Once you get a membership with Gogoparent (they range from Basic to Total Care), you can call their number and just push the right number button to request what you need. For example, pressing 1 means you can get an Uber or Lyft sent to your home and if you press 2, you can get a ride to where you requested to be dropped off last.

The company has worked to perfect the ride process even more by vetting drivers, monitoring requests 24/7, and screening the types of cars drivers are using. So, you can always be sure that you’re safe and have full accessibility to your ride!

Read more about Gogograndparent here.

4. Local Volunteer Programs

There are many volunteer programs throughout the United States that will provide older adults with car rides. These programs are designed to help those with mobility issues have access to everything they need, from running basic errands to being able to get to medical appointments on time. 

Because there might be different eligibility requirements based on your needs, where you’re located, and the program itself, you’ll want to read up on what’s available within your city. You can do this by visiting your city’s website, and even your state’s. Once you find what’s available, you should be able to start an application process online or by calling the program’s specific helpline.

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