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3 Things to Consider When Buying a New Laptop

While computers and technology may be tricky for some to grasp, times have proven that laptops have become essential for navigating daily life. They can help with everything from contacting family, to keeping track of medications and appointments, and can even be a primary source of entertainment!

So, if you’re in the market for a new laptop but don’t know how to start choosing the perfect one for you, we’re here to help! Below are some major things to consider to make sure a laptop fits all of your needs before you buy one.

3 Things To Consider When Buying A Laptop

1. Consider Size

Some laptops are extremely heavy and aren’t designed to be portable while others are small, slim, and can fit right into a bag to take on the go. Because of this, you’ll need to consider what size is reasonable for your lifestyle, and how the different sized features (smaller vs bigger keyboard, various screen sizes, etc.) fit your needs. Before you buy one, consider the following:

  • Do you plan on taking it with you or just leaving it at home?
  • How much can you carry without struggling?
  • Do you have a lot of room in your car to fit something that might be heavier?
  • Do you prefer a smaller screen or a bigger one?
  • How much keyboard room do you want?

2. Consider Price

Laptops significantly range in price. Because of this, you’ll not only want to consider what you want, but also how it will fit within your budget. Some things to think about when considering pricing include:

  • Will you pay it all upfront or in monthly installments?
  • Will the laptop prevent you from getting other things you need (food, medication, etc.)?
  • Is your budget flexible in any way?
  • Are you flexible with the types of laptops you want?

3. Consider Processors

Processors are the things that run computers. It’s the most important unit of a laptop and because of this, there are many types of them. Depending on what you’re using your laptop for, you might need a more powerful processor (which can cost more) versus just an average one that’s designed for minor usage.

When thinking about which would be best for you, consider:

  • What you want to use the computer for
  • How much you care about speed and memory 
  • How much you care about a long battery life
  • If you care about having the newest processor versus an older one
  • How long you expect to have your laptop for

If you decide to buy your laptop in person, you can also discuss processors with the specialist that’s helping you. They’ll be able to assist you with making a decision based on your needs.

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