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Are We Developing Solutions For The Future Us

March 14, 2018 in Resources

CEO and co-founder Char Hu of The Helper Bees speaks on aging technology at #SXSW’18. Upon receiving the SXSW Community Award, Char shares that we should be “building solutions that enhance the [invigorating] aspects of life.” He asks, “are we developing solutions with the Future Us in mind? Or just distracted by some of the things Current Us wants now…. Are we creating solutions that make our older adults more isolated?”

At The Helper Bees, we strike the balance of technology with a human focus by using modern tools to make great connections between caregivers and seniors. This brings attention to the families who need home care but also the great professionals delivering this service every day. In closing, Char said “We can use technology to connect people in ways that were never before possible… all this while working with individuals spanning seven decades (20–95 years old).”

This couldn’t be more true, we use our tech-forward applications to understand health in the home and our data acquisition enables intelligent interventions that improve health, wellness and business outcomes. We look forward to continuing our work and sharing our experiences using technology to enhance life.

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