For Individuals

The Helper Bees is revolutionizing in-home care! We believe in the power of choice and personal connections. We are NOT a traditional home care agency.

How it Works

Our mission is to make aging in place as easy and inexpensive as possible. We use our technology to remove the middle man and give you and your family the power of choice. By doing so, we significantly lower the cost of having an in-home caregiver while simultaneously paying your caregiver at a higher rate than a traditional care agency.

Caregiver Matching


We match great, independent caregivers with older adults based upon personality, interests, and experience.

Our Values

The Helpers

Those who choose to be Helper Bees are proud to be self-employed and self-reliant. To make your search as easy as possible, each individual helper bee has been grouped into service types that THEY are willing to provide.

Help Anytime Anywhere

Out and about or in-home assistance, Helper Bee services and expertise range from companionship, to transportation, to personal hygiene and specialized care.

Caring & Trustworthy

The helpers are compassionate caring individuals vetted with thorough background checks, in-depth questionnaires, and verified references.

Real Connections

Every Helper Bee is inspired by connecting with neighborhood seniors, building new friendships, and brightening seniors’ lives each day.

Our Matching Customers Are Saying

She is phenomenal. It’s just like she was absolutely, perfectly made for us. He has responded so well to her and she is so on board. And she’s just wonderful. She’s so sweet and caring. How did you find her? She anticipates, yet she knows when not to be involved. I told her today “Well, you’re one of my girls now.” She really is a gentle spirit, a sweet soul.

Matching Customer’s Point of Contact
Nurse Assessments

Getting Your Claim Started

Your Benefit Eligibility Assessment (BEA) is an important component of your insurance claim. We provide experienced nurses to complete this assessment and help get you started!