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Independence Portal

The Ultimate Solution for Home Care Providers

The Independence Portal provides a competitive edge for your business by offering self-pay access to a variety of support services that your customers will value. Contact us today to learn more about licensing our platform and get started!

All aging-in-place services in one easy-to-use portal

As a home care provider, you’re in a unique position to provide your clients and their families with the tools and resources they need to navigate their aging-in-place experience. With the Independence Portal, you can license our platform as a value-added service and differentiate your business from competitors, all while tapping into the early market opportunity!

All aging-in-place services in one easy-to-use portal

Experience the difference with Independence

  • Increased customer satisfaction: By offering our platform as a self-pay option, you can provide a more personalized experience to your clients, leading to higher satisfaction rates.
  • Competitive advantage: Our platform can help set your business apart from competitors and attract more customers by offering a unique and innovative solution.
  • Easy to use: The Independence Portal is easy to navigate for your clients, their families, and your staff, making it simple to manage appointments and ensure delivery.
  • Improved client outcomes: With the Independence Portal, patients can manage their care plans, appointments, and communication with aging-in-place service providers, leading to better health outcomes.
  • Early market opportunity: By getting in early and offering Independence Portal to your clients, you can position your business as a leader in the home care industry and capture a significant share of the market.

Standard services

Our portal comes pre-loaded with a variety of support service providers that are vital to maintaining independence in the home. Our standard services include errands, food, rides, home and bathroom safety, and virtual exercise.

Standard services

Your customers' contact information is not shared. They have complete control of all communication, ensuring their privacy and giving them peace of mind.

The Helper Bees

About Us

Our network’s scope is nationwide, available to remote areas, and completely digital on our platform. Through our unique model, The Helper Bees deploys care and support service providers to assist with all ADLs and iADLs and other social determinants of health.

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