How It Works

The Helper Bees is a revolutionary model for in-home care. We match great, independent helpers with older adults who need care based upon personality, interests and experience. Older adults enjoy a higher quality of care with cost savings while the helper earns more than they would with a traditional agency. Our matchmaking technology makes this process very simple.

The Helper Bees believes in the power of choice and personal connections.

The Helper Bees is not a home care agency.

Choose a Helper or Let Us Match You

There are two ways to find the best helper for you.



Review Helper Bee profiles, and explore helper bios, skills, and expertise. Then simply email your potential helper to connect.



Rather not do it yourself? Reach out to a Helper Bee Care Expert who will recommend local helpers that fit your description.

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we’ll be happy to talk to you and what the best option is for you and your family.

We are proud to offer a revolutionary platform for finding your perfect in-home helper

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What Helpers Are Saying

“This sounds like it will be a lot easier for me. I was having to use paper forms and faxing. I’m excited to have something to track this for me.”

"That's wonderful. Yay for having people like you working so hard."

"Good morning. I wanted to let you know that everything went great with Bob and Vicky yesterday. Thank you for all the wonderful opportunities to work with such wonderful people."

“(I give the Helper bees a 10) because the administration is the most friendliest and professional I've ever worked with in home health care . Also the pay is great”

Thank you for what you said about me .. I always say the Helpers Bees it's the best.. I like [to] work with you guys.. I [will] do my best

“Helper Bees put two wonderful people in my life along with their friends and family! Thanks”

“You guys have been so helpful, thank you so much.”

“You guys have been really great. John’s excited for it...I just want to help him if he’s comfortable with me, and apparently he is. He’s known me for awhile now.”

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to move my schedule...that really means alot to me knowing you accommodated me. If I can help you with any other days you need filled please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“The onboarding process has been really easy. The technical side of the application was easy to follow at every step…”

What Older Adults Are Saying

“The onboarding process has been really easy. The technical side of the application was easy to follow at every step…”

- Caregiver Applicant

Esther is so good with my husband. She makes me feel confident that he always will be well cared for.”

- Matching Point of Contact

“Your service was a lifesaver! I thank you”

- Matching Customer

“I hope you don't mind but I have given your name, your organization and email to a dear friend that is dire need of help.  You have done such wonders for me and I can't thank you enough for that."

- Matching Customer

“You are the first person that has given me good news in two week,  bless you for this. You are going straight to heaven, I know you will because you are a good person. I didn’t know there was any care left in healthcare. Thank you”

- Point of Contact

“You have been so nice, I remember when I called last week after getting more results about my mom. I was crying to you and you don’t even know you. Thank you so much.”

- Matching Customer

"It was amazing! My mom loves her and my dad loves her. The whole family loves her."

- Point of Contact on Helper 

"The first visit was fantastic. She is wonderful. She was trying to learn the ropes which is always a hard thing to do. She's doing over and above. My son was here and he said 'Boy, she's nice. I like her.' Dave was really pleased."

- Matching Customer on Helper

“She is phenomenal. It’s just like she was absolutely, perfectly made for us. He has responded so well to her and she is so onboard. And she’s just wonderful. She’s so sweet and caring. How did you find her?...She anticipates, yet she knows when not to be involved...I told her today “Well, you’re one of my girls now.” She really is a gentle spirit, a sweet soul.”

- Point of Contact on Helper


Anabel and Lesby

How We Qualify Helpers

As part of the process to be listed on our Helper Bee registry, each independent helper will have two background checks performed. Background checks are done through the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as the Texas Nurses Misconduct Registry. The registry tracks incidences of elder abuse. Even though we are not a licensed personal assistance agency, we believe in on-boarding only the highest quality helper. All background checks are run for free to the older adult or their family.

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Our Selection Process

The process to being allowed to be listed on The Helper Bees’ registry is quite rigorous. Applicants must take a series of behavioral questionnaires, aptitude tests and profile assessments prior to being on-boarded into The Helper Bee platform. It is our goal to match older adults with only the best private-duty caregivers.

Speak with an in-home care expert

Our expert matchmakers have years of experience in the senior care industry and know exactly what goes into a perfect match