Frequently Asked Questions by Helpers

Helper bee FAQs

I cannot make a shift.

Contact your client at least 24 hours in ad vance if you are unable to make a shift. If your client works with another Helper Bee, reach out to that Helper Bee to see if they can cover your shift before calling The Helper Bees administration.


I am wondering when my payment will be deposited.

Your first payment will be deposited within 7 business days after your first shift. All following payments will be deposited within 3-5 business days. The Helper Bees administration processes timesheets within 2 days.


I need more work hours.

Call or text The Helper Bees office with your availability.


I am unhappy with a client.

In regards to problems with a client, please call The Helper Bees office.


I forgot to clock in or clock out.

Please refer to your TSheets Guide. You will be able to edit your timesheet in the TSheets Application. Under “Timesheets” select the shift and click “Edit” in the top right corner. From there, you can select the correct times. If you have further issues, please contact The Helper Bees Office.


I am running late.

Call your client to let them know as soon as possible.


I suspect elder abuse.

Call the Helper Bees office and the Texas Adult Protective Services (APS) as soon as possible. The APS phone number is (800) 252-5400.


I know a senior in need of in-home care.

Provide their contact information to The Helper Bees office. You can make $200 for each referral after their first successful visit. We can match your referral with you or another Helper Bee if you are not available.


My client needs more care.

If your client is in need of additional care, please let The Helper Bees office know.


I am facing challenges with a client.

If you are unsure of how to overcome a certain challenge with a client, please call The Helper Bees office.


I know of a great caregiver.

Please refer them to The Helper Bees. We are always in need of great Helpers!


A client is asking me to deep clean their home.

If a client asks you to deep clean their home and you are interested in performing that service, the client should call the office to set up a different pay rate. Deep cleaning services typically cost the client more and so you will earn a higher rate. If you or your client needs clarification on the difference between light and deep housekeeping, call The Helper Bees office.


My client or potential client canceled a scheduled visit within 24 hours.

Here at The Helper Bees, we want to always do right by our helpers. This is why we have a 24-hour cancellation late-fee. In cases other than hospitalization, we charge the client $50 if they cancel a shift within 24 hours. 100% of that fee goes to the Helper.


My client asked me to clock out before the 2 hour minimum.

We have a 2 work-hour minimum per shift. The client should be aware of the 2 hour minimum.


My client passed away while on hospice.

When your client passes, we know it can be very emotionally challenging. We are here for you and the family of the client. In cases of death, please ensure that the family and hospice agency know what has happened immediately. Inform The Helper Bees office as soon as possible.


My client passed away and they were not on hospice.

Call 911 & the family. Inform The Helper Bees office as soon as possible.


My client is having a health emergency.

Dial 911 or take them to the hospital if you are able to safely transport them.


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