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Today, independence requires a comprehensive solution. The Helper Bees’ Care Concierge program combines novel technology with traditional care management techniques to keep claimants at home longer while reducing carrier costs.

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The Care Concierge program utilizes a claimant-dedicated team comprised of geriatric care managers, researchers, and data scientists. Our solution is the industry's first turnkey solution available for long term care insurance providers, medicare advantage health plans, and other payors to deploy immediately.

Personalized Experiences

Reach Every Policyholder

The Helper Bees provides partners with a branded and customized aging-in-place digital content platform providing insightful health educational media and resources to care recipients and their families.

In order to meet the needs of every care recipient, our solution delivers education in three ways: online, offline, and on-demand.

Offline Resources


70% of older adults are currently Internet users. In order to reach the other 30% The Helper Bees distributes all of the content that is available through the online platform directly to your policyholders via a direct mail campaign. Custom call-to-actions will encourage recipients to use the online resources and custom URLs track conversions from offline to online engagement.


A branded, user-friendly, and up-to-date online content platform that delivers personalized educational resources to care recipients, while gathering valuable data and behavioral information.

A comprehensive knowledge of how your policyholders interact with your content allows you to make data-backed decisions to influence interventions

On-Demand Resources

On Demand

The policyholders of today want on-demand access to experts. The Care Concierge team guides policyholder and their families through care options, local services, and new technologies to boost wellness and promote independence within the home.

Combining novel technology and traditional care management techniques, the Care Concierge program improves the claims cost curve, at scale.

Content Platform

Relevant Resources and Personalized Experiences

Create and distribute personalized resources for all of your policyholders. The Helper Bees’ advanced online content platform educates policyholders while providing valuable and behavioral information regarding their needs and interests, allowing the carrier to make data-backed decisions to influence interventions.

In addition to our online platform, a hard copy of your content is available to be mailed to all policyholders who prefer an offline experience.

Relevant Resources and Personalized Experiences
Care Concierge

Expert Aging-In-Place Guides

The Care Concierge team is powered by scalable technologies and interactions. The Care Concierge works with the policyholder to identify their unique goals, suggest relevant interventions, and create personalized action plans that promote wellness and independence within the home.

Expert Aging-In-Place Guides

We keep claimants at home longer to reduce carrier costs with an industry-first; a turnkey high-touch, data-driven, content-rich and team-oriented solution.

Resource Categories

A Comprehensive Wellness Solution

Our Partners Are Saying

We believe that the launch of this new program will greatly assist aging individuals and their families to navigate the process of finding care, as well as understand what local resources are available to them. CNA’s View From Home and the Care Concierge program will support our policyholders’ ability to age in place, helping them find needed services and avoid challenges that could lead them to move to a facility.

John Palmer

Vice President of Long-Term Care Operations and Claims, CNA

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