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A Fresh Perspective On Wellness Engagement

The Helper Bees and BBC Maestro have partnered to bring a groundbreaking collaboration that redefines learning and wellness for older adults.


Our Partnership

Nourishing Minds, Enriching Lives

Intellectual stimulation through learning a hobby or starting a new creative project is one of the best ways to maintain brain health.

Our Goal

Wellness Through Connection & Learning

Together, The Helper Bees and BBC Maestro are committed to breaking barriers and fostering continuous growth and engagement at every stage of life. Our partnership aims to provide a diverse range of inspirational learning content spanning various subjects including wellbeing, food and nutrition, the arts, and personal development.

BBC Maestro Inspirational Learning Pillars
For Carriers

Engage Your Policyholders, Differently

Strengthen Engagement

Utilize BBC Maestro to engage with your policyholders on a different level, fostering a deeper connection between you and your policyholders.



Reinforce Trust

By providing policyholders access to valuable educational resources and promoting proactive engagement in their well-being, you can build trust and strengthen relationships with your customers, improving perception and policyholder satisfaction.


Incentivize Wellnesss

Incentivize policyholders to engage in wellness activities through BBC Maestro, helping to improve health outcomes and reduce claims costs.



Our Process

Enhancing Outcomes Through Increased Engagement

Graphic Representing the Flow of Engagement Resulting in Positive Health Outcomes

What People Are Saying

The course made me feel like I was capable of writing a book…now I’ve actually completed my first novel.

BBC Maestro Customer
For Policyholders

Unlock Policyholder Purpose

Expert-led Courses

Allow your policyholders to dive into diverse topics, from wellness and lifestyle to arts and culture, with courses led by industry experts.


Flexible Learning

Access to the platform is available anytime, anywhere. Learn at your own pace, fitting seamlessly into your policyholders’ lifestyle.


Wellness Courses

Deliver tailored courses that address policyholders’ holistic well-being, fostering trust while promoting proactive health and wellness.


The Buzz

Partnership Announcement

The Helper Bees and BBC Maestro Partner to Revolutionize Holistic Wellness for Older Adults with Best-In-Class Learning Content

Why BBC Maestro

For over a hundred years the BBC has been delivering on its promise set out in the Royal Charter to Inform, Educate & Entertain.

BBC Maestro is a new learning platform with over 1,000 video lessons, developed, and operated under license from BBC Studios.


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