Virginia & Elder – A Funny Friendship

by Eric Corum

Elder and Virginia

Helper: Virginia

Type of Patient: Companionship & Care

Elder is a retired Baptist preacher and Virginia is a Catholic Missionary. They come from different worlds, but have grown quite fond of each other through intellectual discussion and theological talks. 

Virginia was born and raised in Brazil. Throughout her adult life, she has lived and served in places all over the world including Florida, Texas, and the jungles of Bolivia. She is very close with her family back in Brazil and talks to them daily. She loves spending time with her sister and makes an effort to visit as much as she can. One of the biggest forces in her life is her religion and the mission work she does within the Catholic Church. She has learned about so many different things through her compassionate work and actively seeks opportunities that allow her to expand her knowledge. This is what lead her to the world of care-giving and to our Helper Bees hive. 


img_0675Elder grew up in Texas and has seen a lot of the changes the state has been through over the years. He loves to tell these stories to anyone who will listen and talks frequently about his life as a Baptist preacher. When spending time with Virginia, Elder enjoys discussing theology and his old sermons.  He says that Virginia is a good person to talk to because “she let’s me talk” and “she’s a great listener”. Virginia serves as friend and companion for Elder. Throughout the week they plan outings and make lists of errands to run together like going to the grocery story, visiting the library, and attending doctor appointments. Virginia comments on their system, “We make lists of the places we’ll go. One week it’s the library, the next week it’s a VA meeting. He enjoys our little routines.”

From the outside, a Baptist preacher and a Catholic missionary can be seen as quite the funny pair, but for Virginia and Elder, it works.

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