The Road To Recovery

by Tom

Road to Recovery with The Helper Bees

Earlier this year, in June, Mr Price has suffered from a mild stroke. His family, especially his wife, wanted to find the best way to help him recover as soon as possible and in the most effective way. That’s when they started looking for a solution, heard about us and gave us a call.

When suffering from a stroke it is important to be super disciplined with healthy routines, diets and medication. Forgetting a few medications too many can lead to suffering from another stroke.

Mr. Price has been very motivated to get better and with the help of the amazing helper Santa he’s getting visibly better. She keeps him grounded and checked-in.
Santa is an amazing helper. She is very motivational and positive; she’s extremely meticulous about Mr Price’s schedule. Santa works extremely hard, ensuring that Mr Price is always feeling great and in a positive mood, because as we know it from working with many  – positivity in your own recovery is one of the best ways to fight back and recover from a stroke.

Having Santa come to the house is a godsend.

Watch the video below to see the full story and Mr Price’s testimonial on the effectiveness of our caregiver / senior matchmaking!

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