A long journey to find kindness

by Tom

“She’s so good to me” Davie said while smiling brightly at Natalie, her Helper Bee.

Natalie H. has the gift of kindness, she has been a Helper Bee since the beginning and she’s been working with Davie for around five months. We thought their deep connection and a great match on our side, needed a place in our blog.

Davie & Her Art

Davie has a room in her home that is completely dedicated to art and creation. Every day, she picks up her box of colored pencils and beautifies two pages of her coloring book. Davie lights up while talking about her artwork over the years. Soft, yet vibrant watercolor paintings line the halls. Suzie, her sweet dog, follows her as we walk down the hall to sit and visit.

Davie's art

Davie’s Journey To Texas

After her husband’s passing, Davie’s family drove 1300 miles to bring her to Texas to live with them. She loves being in Texas, especially being so close to her loved ones. While telling her story, she peppers in that she went to Oklahoma University and majored in Elementary Education to pursue a teaching career. We couldn’t help but think how wonderful she must have been as a teacher; so patient, artistically inclined, and supremely cheerful. One extraordinary fact about her is that she is a twin, as was her husband Terry.


Natalie enjoys spending her days with Davie, saying “she’s always happy and tells me she loves me every day. She’s just a loving person. We have great chemistry” When Davie is asked what she loves about Natalie, she said “she’s so kind, she washes my hair for me. She knows a lot about life. I’m so happy to have her. She’s a wonderful helper.”

Natalie and Davie have an great deep friendship that goes further than what common caregiver & seniors experience. “We love to talk, bible study, and do lots of coloring.”


“They paired us up real good, didn’t they?” Natalie said nodding gleefully at Davie. “Yes!”

(Written by Ashley Alkek)

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