A Friendship Born With Caregiving

by Tom

Anabel and Lesby

Lesby and Anabel have been friends for over a year now. Their connection is magnetic, as well as their laughter. They are both originally from Honduras, but have taken different paths to the world of caregiving.

Lesby has been a practicing Certified Nursing Assistant for 13 years now. She’s highly motivated by caregiving and hopes to one day be a Registered Nurse. She’s acquired a number of skills over the years and doesn’t plan on stopping.

Anabel is new to caregiving and is incredibly enthusiastic about the craft. While in Honduras, she volunteered at memory care clinic and various hospitals. She’s mostly drawn to working privately with clients here in Texas.

When Lesby mentioned that she was a private-duty caregiver on the Helper Bees platform, Anabel jumped at the opportunity. They are a fantastic duo because it’s clear that they are there for each other for support. In the caregiving community, support is crucial and encouraged.

“My favorite thing about the Helper Bees is that they are always there when I need them and I get to work for the best clients. I love working with the Helper Bees”

Lesby said.
When describing the type of caregiving she provides, she emphasizes the importance of patience and safety, especially when caring for those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

When caregiving for her clients, Anabel says, “she gets excited to soak up wisdom and see all the smiles” that she surely promotes by being such a great caregiver. “It’s important to me to give quality time to my clients and understand their likes/dislikes as much as possible. It motivates me to see how many smiles I can get. I treat them as if they were my own family.”

We are over the moon to have Lesby and Anabel as Helper Bees and will continue to support them in their journey, just like old friends.

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