Joy in Caregiving: How Brenda Finds Freedom in Work

by Tom

Brenda Folks has been with the Helper Bees for nearly one year and finds joy in her work.

She enjoys helping seniors in any way that she can and talks of her work as if it’s a calling, not just a job. The joy that being a caregiver brings Brenda is apparent when you first start talking to her. What really motivates Brenda as caregiver is the ability to be a wonderful companion for a variety of people, no matter what their age or background. This is what really brings her joy. Brenda has worked in facilities, but really likes to have the freedom as a private-duty caregiver. She loves the idea of assisting people closer to her own neighborhood, which is one of our core values here at The Helper Bees.

Brenda Folks - caregiver with freedom and joy

“If you like people, you’ll enjoy caregiving,” says Brenda, who has been a helper bee for a year.

“I seem to do best one-on-one”, Brenda said when thinking about her relationships with her Helper Bee clients. She enjoys sharing moments and chats with them during the day. “If you like people, you’ll enjoy caregiving,” she said. Brenda is the epitome of dedication, as she spends 6 days per week assisting and caring for her clients. Brenda has a favorite thing about each client and has been known to keep photos and memories of them with her wherever she goes. Her attention to detail is helpful for cultivating great relationships and remaining a stellar caregiver. Brenda’s biggest tip as a caregiver is to “earn their trust and take time to listen to them.”


Fun Fact: When Brenda is not caregiving, she can be found singing her heart out at her local Karaoke joint!

Brenda Folks advice for freedom and joy as a caregiver

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