Caregivers & Work Life Balance

by Tom

Matthew S - THB caregiver

Matthew has been a Helper Bee for 3 months now. He sat down to share with us, the value of having the flexibility as a private-duty caregiver and the joys that come with it.

He visits with a senior named Betty for a couple hours during the week.

“It’s like a new experience every time. She likes to talk about anything and everything.”
They enjoy their strolls beneath the trees outside and will even pop in a movie now and then to watch. The other day, they watched the Notebook together.

When Matthew isn’t visiting with Betty, you can find him either acting for a local production company, planning logistics for a tour company, digital marketing or dog-walking. “Caregiving was something that I always wanted to do, but couldn’t find the time to do it until now.”

As a Honey Bee, Matthew’s main objective is to provide companionship and make sure Betty has a seat at the lunch table with her friends. This isn’t the first time that Matthew has had the opportunity to spend time with the elderly. In high school, he and a group of students, spent every other Friday at a nursing home. “It helps you appreciate the little things more. Caregiving is inherently rewarding,” he said. He also took care of his own grandmother for as long as he was able.

Matthew Sledge THB

He likes The Helper Bees because of the opportunity to meet new people and the flexibility to keep pursuing his other passions. “It’s cool that I can do a little bit of everything that I need to do and still get in my caregiving visits. It’s important to me.”

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